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The sad story of a boy, a babysitter, and potatoe salad.

Back before I went to school and my parents had to work, I had to go to a babysitter everyday.  It was fun, I liked her a lot, she was nice and all, occasionally strict and mean, but it was all fine.  Plus she had a daughter my age, so I always had someone to play with. 

So one day, she was fixing lunch and she a small table out in her garage for me and her daughter to sit at.  You would think, why would she make you sit in the garage, but it wasn’t hot or cold or anything, just a bit dark, but since I was eating with a friend, it was okay.

So me and my friend were sitting at the table when she brought us lunch.  I don’t exactly remember what all we had, except for…potatoe salad.  I didn’t really know what it was at the time, so I just kept eating my other food, until I finally got up the courage to try it, I took a bite and to be honest, it was disgusting.  So I kept eating and finally the babysitter came out to us and I had finished all that I wanted, but she said I had to eat all my food before I came back inside.  And then I told her I didn’t like it, but she told me to eat it any ways.

At this point I think I was a bit sad, because my friend was almost done eating and she eventually went back inside and left me.  Let’s remember that I was a little kid in a bit of a dark garage, all alone. 

I know I had to have sat there for 30 minutes, at least and all I had left was the potatoe salad.  I think I remember I almost started crying.  I slowly starting eating bite by bite of it and it was still just the nastiest thing I had ever eaten.  I finally finished it off and ran inside.

I just feel like this was a traumatizing thing for me, since I was just really sad and alone and I didn’t to eat it and all.  It may not even seem that bad, but it was horrible to me.

I haven’t touched potatoe salad since.